All About Silver

The internet and e-commerce have made the purchase of products from around the globe even easier than ever before. This is no different when it comes to silver products, however, we like to think that it's important to know the characteristics of your new silver purchase for the best experience.

All our products at Silverly are made from 925 sterling silver and, in a few instances, 999 silver. The numbers refer to the purity of the metals used. The majority of pieces are 925 silver and this refers to the makeup of 92.5% (by weight) silver and 7.5% (by weight) other metals, usually copper. The additional metal is used to strengthen the product as fine silver is relatively soft.

All silver tarnishes over time. It turns black as a result of a chemical reaction with elements in the air or at times substances on the skin.
Its appearance can be returned, however, with a basic polishing cloth or, in some instances, a purpose-specific silver solution.