About Us

In a crowd, it’s the details that define.

In operation since 2005, we’ve had time to refine what we do in jewellery, and what we would like to bring to our customers; passion, value, and style.

Headed by a hardworking team in north London, we are motivated by a customer-first approach and a drive to provide simple, elegant pieces for everyday wear.

We’re British at the core, but with a range of influences from around the globe, we like to think that when it comes to lasting impressions, we know exactly what we’re talking about.

Silverly London about usJimi Walters has operated as a buyer in the Far East territories over 10 years. Early meetings with Eleonora Ferlito, a fashion enthusiast and former law student, forged the beginnings of Silverly. Jimi is the company director and was born and raised in the United Kingdom. He has harboured a curiosity for eastern spiritualism and practices that have led him to extensive travel in the Far East region. Eleonora operates as the office manager and is from Milan, Italy. After an initial period studying law, she decided to explore her interests in the fashion industry. She believes the right accessorizing knows no time restriction.

The city facilitated a chance meeting between two individuals with differing backgrounds and offered a chance to bring their talents to a shared objective. Together they developed a plan to bring a jewellery brand, that partnered design with value and spoke to the everyday needs of the Londoner on the move.

Silverly thus emerges with a wealth of experience garnered through years in the silver industry and directed with the passion of a team that doesn’t just aim to style but believes in a quality customer experience.